City as a person,is it possible?

You know, I’ve reached that age, when I have realized that I know absolutely nothing about myself. I reread a ton of motivating literature, I was looking for my destiny through tests and there is no result. I’m qualified as a teacher, I am a journalist according to the tests and I am having a little (very small) business. I haven’t found happiness in any of these spheres .

But there is one thing which overturns me. And this is travelling. It is very difficult to explain this state in a few words. Just imagine: you come to the city where nobody knows you. You don’t know language, you don’t know streets, you don’t know  lines of the subway. Everything is not familiar to you. But you have one task: to open it for yourself, to understand it from scratch. For the first time you have to try paste with the local sauce and drink sparkling water which you have never seen in your life. Try to connect a couple of words in foreign language and, oh my God, you have to be understood. I call this state the «travellppiness(travel+happiness)

It turns out that when you are on the way, you are free. Anything doesn’t hold you down, nobody knows you. It is tremendous opportunity to see new places and to think: «Good heavens, how many things I haven’t seen yet».

I was personally convinced that absolute each city has a soul. And as it seems to me, any city can be compared … with the person! It has a gender, own character and ambitions, aftertaste which it leaves. I will try to explain on examples:

— Rome is as the beautiful, charming and independent girl. She has a lot of attractive and mysterious. She is rather impulsive and very sexual. When you meet her you want to plunge into this deep end and to be forgotten.

— Krakow is a friendly and a very kind man. He is easygoing, likes street songs, will easily play a guitar before passersby. But the past is felt in this man. As the thought is easily passing through his each word and gesture.

— Moscow is a hardworking and busy man. All people of Russia want to get acquainted with him. He drives expensive cars, eats mainly Russian food and takes an active position. But actually, he only seems such a cold man, but he is very kind and sympathetic inside. You will notice this at once when you look a little deeper. Moscow needs to give the chance to open up for you and to show what is the Russian.

— Paris is a young girl who puts on very beautifully, but it is not bright. She has a charm and taste. She attracts with her simplicity and elegance. To understand her, it is enough to listen and watch behind her. She has many persons who want to get acquainted with her. And she gets acquainted very superficially. But she opens only for some people who can turn from a tourist track and see her real appearance.

— Munich is a definitely rich man. And this man gets to fall in love at once. He is so simple and approachable that attracts instantly. You shouldn’t hide that he is a fan of good beer and loves different feasts, which sometimes last for 16 days, but it is worth it. Near to him you feel protected and happy.

I also felt these cities in a such way. They left an aftertaste in my life. When I remember any city, I remember the feelings. I remember a smell of the city, people and this is delightful! Travelling gives me the energy, I feel the youth. I feel happy when I am going to investigate the new city with a small beautiful backpack and the Polaroid. I heartily wish to each person in this world to feel the same. To be hungry on new adventures and to investigate unfamiliarplaces. Welcome to my blog!

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